How To Text Flirt

Imagine knowing how to text flirt so well it turns your

cell phone into a long distance magnet.

Welcome to the best proven "insider" text flirt secrets found anywhere.


 The surprising truth- Studies show that physical attraction is NOT the strongest factor when it comes to landing a mate. A better predictor has to do with a female's flirting ability.

It's important to know how to send the right signals, even though most women repeat mistakes they have no idea they are making.


romance by texting


So you've got a cell phone and the ability to send text messages. That's 2 out of 3.

Now you need the third key to put it all together and getting that is everything when it comes to attracting someone you're interested in.  You probably already have a hunch about that, or you wouldn't be visiting this website. 

Question-  How much is attracting important relationships worth to you?

Getting the best ways to text flirt and knowing how to avoid common mistakes makes all the difference in the world when it comes to the results you want. 

There are common things both genders do that have the opposite effect of their intention. The good news is that even when you've made mistakes, there are ways to make the save -when you know how.  When you don't, you're left in the dark wondering what happened.

Get the answers here.


In the world of texting, it's too easy to make mistakes that push the other person away.

You may be having fun at the time- while creating the opposite effect you want. 

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 Text flirting lines found online only scratch the surface. If that's all you want, there are plenty of other sources you can go to and hope for the best.

Discover something different. This is for people who want MASTERY.

You can get the kind of confidence that forever changes things-  including the power you have in your hand but don't know how to use yet. Your experiences, and how you use text will never be the same, and neither will your love life and ability to attract. 

Get this for the price of a lunch and give yourself the power to turn your cell phone a text flirting magnet.

I'm Ready     


 Did you know that

  when you text? . . .

(watch the video)  

     - You can be annoying without knowing it. (Hint- give the other person plenty of time to respond even if you think they  have the time to answer). There are plenty of other things that are turn-offs. Learn what they are.

     - There are ways of giving up your ability to create interest, and coming off needy even when you didn't mean to. This can send an early relationship in a down-spin before it even has a chance to grow.

   - Flirty texts can easily have a negative effect and the receiver learns to see your SMS as inviting or as something to tolerate and eventually avoid. (Get this right and you're half-way to mastery)

   - You can text flirt in such a way that it "sets the mood" in a sexy or romantic way without ever  coming off too strong.  Knowing the secrets to this is just one of the keys if you want your messages to move the relationship forward.

See it all by clicking the image below.

flirt texting with cellphone

The good thing is, once you know the art of TXT flirting, it's yours forever. 

Click on the image to the left, and get a whole new power and ability you've never had before- one you'll use everyday.

Do you need help for text addiction or know someone who does?

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